Company Profile

Company Profile

Mozi Bouton – Safety and Environmental Ltd. It employs safety officers nationwide

As time goes by, there is growing awareness of safety, health and environmental issues. Companies of all sizes are investing time and very considerable resources in the effort to ensure that their employees remain safe and well.

The “Mozi Bouton – Safety and Environmental Quality Company Ltd.” aims to provide safety, health and environmental services at the highest professional level with uncompromising quality of service.

The Company specializes in all aspects of safety and health in the workplaceand environmental issues in industry.

The Company provides safety, health and environmental services in the following fields: External safety officers, safety training, risk assessment and risk management,business licensing and interaction with regulating authorities, qualification and certification processes for ISO 45001 and ISO 14001,noise testing, establishment of emergency systems, including training exercises for emergency teams, expert opinions for Courts of Law, preparation of factory files, field files and poisons permits, safety and fire safety programs, auditing for educational institutions, advice on building safety / fire safety and public event licensing.

The Benefits for the Organization:

  • Lower long term costs because there will be fewer accidents and environmental incidents.
  • Reduction and prevention of criminal proceedings following serious safety events or environmental incidents.
  • Compliance with the State of Israel’s laws and regulations on health and safety in the workplace.
  • Improvements in the organization’s reputation from the point of view of the authorities and the public.
  • Improvements in the organization’s image from its employees’ point of view.
  • Higher regard from the organization’s customers.
  • Savings on the cost of additional human resources in the aforementioned fields.

About the Founder- Mozi Bouton MBA, MSc.

Mozi Bouton,the company's founder and ceo, has 20 years’ experience as an expert in the fields of safety, health and the environment. Mr. Bouton holds four masters degrees (MSc., MBA), including a Masters in Safety Management and Engineering. He also holds numerous professional qualifications in the field of safety, including: Work Safety, Fire Safety, Construction Safety, Radiation and Laser Safety. He is also a specialist in the chemicals sector, a noise safety auditor and more…

  • Lecturer at the Health and Safety Institute, the Standards Institute and at a broad range of colleges, institutions, companies and organizations.
  • Expert in theconstruction and upgrading of safety management systems and risk management.
  • Expert inSI 45001 and ISO 14001 -1 qualification and certification procedures.
  • Expert in the assessment of safety quality in large organizations.
  • Leader of Israeli research into the links between safety and quality and safety as a commercial interest.
  • Court recognized expert
  • Major in the IDF reserves

The Company’s Clients Include (partial list):

Industry ConstructionIndustry Hotels
Elbit Systems Land and C41 Ltd. Shitufit Sheraton Hotel Tel Aviv
Cisco Israel Ackerstein Industries Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv
Israel Railways Ashtrom Ritz Carlton Herzliya
Plasson Lesico Miscellaneous
AudioCodes Ramot Group
Al-Bad Communications Industry Toyota (Union Motors)
Ledico (Bosch) Celcom Israel Philip Morris
Hogla – Kimberly
Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises Motorola Israel Elco
Hadera Paper Hot Mobile
Alcatel – Lucent Israel
Zalaf Institutions, Institutes and Authorities
Polynum Standards Institute of Israel
Strauss Occupational Safety and Hygiene Institute
Geological Survey of Israel
Catering Israel Land Authority
Schulz Catering Bank of Israel
Shefa Catering Modiin Municipal Authority
Israel Trade Fairs Center
Hospitals and Health Funds Dizengoff Center
Alyn Hospital Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers
Fliman Hospital Wingate College
TiratHaCarmel Medical Center
Clalit Health Services


  1. Amnon Owitz (CEO of Telran Communications) – 058-6500116.
  2. Moshe Amsalem (CEO of ESS Electronic Singling Service) – 050-7922221.
  3. Efi Mizrahi (VP of Operations, The Goldsmiths) – 050-8485028.
  4. Yoram Bitton (Director of the Geological Survey) – 050-6234504.
  5. Avichai Cohen (Purchasing and Logistics Manager, Nokia Israel) – 054-2556614.

Fields of Activity:

The Mozi Bouton Company – Safety and Environmental Quality Ltd. provides a wide range of high quality services.

Some of the servicesprovided by the Company:

  • Advice on safety, health and environmental issues.
  • External safety officer services.
  • Safety training at all levels.
  • Establishment of safety and health management systems; preparation of health and safety procedures for normal times and emergencies.
  • Construction of risk management systems (including execution of risk analysis),
  • Preparation of factory files, field files, poison permits, safety programs and fire safety programs.
  • SI 45001 and ISO 14001 – 1 qualification and certification.
  • Noise testing.
  • Interactions with regulatory authorities – Fire and Rescue Service, local authorities, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Homeland Security Command, Ministry of Transport, etc.
  • Establishment of emergency systems, including training exercises for emergency teams.
  • Expert opinions for Courts of Law.
  • Establishment of “enforcement programs” for the reduction of risk of criminal prosecution against managers and position holders due to accidents at work.
  • Writing and assimilation of procedures.
  • Business licensing.
  • Provision of fire safety and radiation safety officer services as required.
  • Planning of fire safety programs or production systems in new buildings.
  • Expert opinions and safety licensing for educational institutions.
  • Safety licensing for public events.

Safety Training

The Mozi Bouton Company – Safety and Environmental Quality Ltd. provides training, conducted by qualified safety trainers approved by the Chief Labor Inspector.

Training is carried out at the highest level, accompanied by photographs, examples and the relevant safety training films.

List (partial) of Training Subjects:

  • General safety training (for all industries and institutions)
  • Safety at height training
  • Minimization of managers’ and position holders’ criminal responsibility for accidents at work.
  • Fire safety.
  • Electrical safety.
  • Safety when working with chemicals.
  • General safety for field, production and office workers – including a very wide range of issues, such as: Safety in the office, mobile tools, correct lifting practices, hand tools, work with ladders, etc.
  • The links between safety and quality, or safety as a commercial interest.
  • Emergency situation training and exercises for the emergency team and the entire workforce.
  • Training in environmental management: ISO 14001
  • Training in safety management: SI 45001
  • Ergonomics and the work environment
  • Noise and noise prevention regulations
  • Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation safety
  • Environmental quality – general
  • Accident statistics (part of the training course for Safety at Work Officers).
  • Safety budget economics and management (part of the training course for Safety at Work Officers).
  • Methods to assess the safety array

N.B. – Training is adapted to the client’s specific needs.

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